Monday, 19 June 2017

Plein air fun...

I'm a relative newbie to plein air painting, and it certainly isn't the only way I work (I find my studio too comfortable for that!), but when the weather is nice it's lovely to get outside with the paints and get some vitamin D. There is nothing like observing and painting subjects straight from life (which I do try to do in the studio and in my sketchbook). The colours and quality of light is far more accurate than any photo could reproduce.

It's also nice to go out painting with other artists, as being in a studio is often a lonely thing, and last week I had the pleasure of going out painting with Ruth and Karina, the 'Purple and Grey' girls (see their website HERE for what they do... hint - they offer a great all round service to artists of all kinds!) and a few other artists, to paint at the stunning location of Monsal Dale, in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District National Park. We located ourselves at the fantastic viewpoint close to the Monsal Head Hotel, and I immediately decided that the grand vista in front of me, whilst breathtaking to look at, just wasn't the painting subject for me - too much expanse of green! So I turned round and immediately saw this quirky looking view, complete with orange bike, of Hobb's Cafe, and decided that would be my first subject...

in progress, busy painting!
(photo by Ruth Gray)
my plein air painting set up
the finished painting
'Hobb's Cafe, Monsal Dale'
oil on 8x8" canvas panel
available to purchase - £100
buy online HERE

By this point my neck was getting a bit sunburnt, so I retreated to the shade of the beer garden of the Stable Bar (any excuse to go to the pub, especially as I wasn't driving!). Straight away I was drawn to paint this scene...

best job in the world - painting in a beer garden on a sunny day!

and this is the finished painting...

'Beer garden at the Stable Bar, Monsal Dale'
oil on 8x8" canvas panel
available to purchase - £100
buy online HERE

So, all in all a good day - and two paintings I'm very happy with! I'm looking forward to going out again next week with the Purple and Grey team. I really don't mind painting alone in my studio or on location, but it's sometimes nice to go with others, as you often end up in places you wouldn't be on your own... like the pub! :-))

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