Monday, 6 March 2017

Wet weather plein air...

I got my new plein air set up a few weeks ago now - a Guerrilla Painter Thumbox V2 pochade which takes 6x8" panels, and a new tripod. I've used it a few times around the house, but weather and circumstances have prevented its first trip outside. Today I was hoping for a repeat of yesterdays spring-like weather, and get outside to paint, but waking to hear the pounding rain put a stop to those ideas. So I compromised by setting up to paint the potted plants on the decking, by the French windows. For the first half hour or so I had the doors open in am attempt to capture the authentic plein air experience, but when I realised I was shivering from cold I closed the door and painted through the window!

I'm not sure if the 6x8" size will work out just too small long term, but it's fine for these sort of oil sketches for the time being. In all this took just under an hour to paint, and knowing the British weather, I'm sure I will do the same again when its just too wet to venture outside.

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